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Najm Designs Photography makes "Photo of the Day" in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Najm Designs Photography shot Philadelphia native and designer of M'Squared Fashunz, Munaza Muhammad and her models for her upcoming All-White Fashion show. The fashion shoot took place in the median of downtown Philadelphia, on South Broad Street. Onlookers and passing pedestrians became intriguied by the women being photographed dressed in all-white with colorful scarves adorning their heads. One viewer in particular, Michael Bryant, staff Photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, loved the beauty of the scene so much he asked to capture Najm Designs Photography photographing the ladies! The actual famed photo was used as flyer invitations for the show, it also became the "Photo of the Day", on the front of the Philadelphia Inquirer Express.

#fashion #modest #najmdesigns #photo #photography #msquaredfashunz #philadelphia #philadelphiainquirer #coveredgirls #modeststreetfashion

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