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Najm Designs Recognized for Graphic Design for the Young and Powerful 4 Obama Rising Star Awards

Najm Designs recognized for Graphic Design and Marketing Services NAJM Designs was the proud sponsor of the Young and Powerful 4 Obama Rising Stars Awards. NAJM Designs was recognized for their generous support and excellent service, receiving a plaque and award signed by the mayor. The services provided were Graphic Design of the event flyers, souvenir posters, programs, business cards and electronic marketing materials for the Young & Powerful 4 Obama 2012 Vision Season. The Young & Powerful For Obama campaign group held its Rising Star Awards gala at the Manhattan’s Chelsea Manor to honor local political and community leaders. The event, also featured an exclusive VIP reception and fashion show, held next door at LifeStyle TrimCo. Plenty notables were in attendance as speakers or honorees. The list included New York State Senator Eric Adams, Congress woman Yvette Clarke, and State Assemblyman Hakeem Jefferies amongst many others.

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