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Congrats to Halalywood Entertainment & Najm Designs!

Director, Actor and International Comedian Omar Regan has set out on a mission to provide "Halal" (permissable, clean) Entertainment to the world. Motivated by his frustration of viewing muslims always inaccurately depicted as terrorists in media and entertainment, Regan started a production company, Halalywood Entertainment. Halalywood Entertainment is committed to making family movies and telling stories by Muslims that everyone can enjoy. Halalywood Entertainment enlisted the services of Najm Designs to provide an effective digital marketing campaign to raise funds for their first feature film, "American Sharia", a comedy-action featuring Omar Regan and Baba Ali, and includes an all-star international cast. Through digital promotional ads and social media marketing, the word spread about the Kickstarter Campaign to fund the movie. The Campaign was a success, going over the intended $115K and collecting over $122K from donations all over the world. Najm Designs proudly provided the social media marketing campaign, social media set-up/maintenance, Promotional Ads, and Mechandising Graphics (tee shirts, souvenir posters) for the Halalywood Campaign. Congrats!!! Halal Entertainment is now here! "American Sharia" the movie, is set to start filming in June 2014 and is intended to premiere Fall 2014! Stay Tuned!

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